Five Key Things To Do Before Your Roof Installation Day Arrives

Roofing day is coming! You probably can't wait until your roofers arrive and start applying those tough, clean, new shingles. Before that day comes, though, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare.

Clear the Way

Your roofers will probably bring in a large dumpster and at least two or three trucks carrying shingles and gear. Make sure there is space for all this. You may need to move some patio furniture, move your own cars to the street, and so forth. 

Talk to the Neighbors

Let the neighbors to either side of you know that you will be having a new roof put on your home. Depending how large your property is, you may want to also notify the neighbors who own the home behind you. This way, your neighbors can make sure to keep their kids and pets inside that day, and they can cover any bushes or plants they don't want to potentially get covered in shingles.

Prep the Landscaping

You will likely want to cover your own bushes and shrubs, too. Bed sheets work well for this since they still allow some oxygen and carbon dioxide to flow through. If you don't have any old sheets lying around, you can buy some big spools of landscaping fabric at a home improvement or garden store. Wait until the night before your roofers arrive to put the sheets over the bushes; you don't want them to have to be covered for any longer than is necessary.

Cover Items in the Attic

When you have your roof replaced, it's inevitable that some shingle particles, and maybe even a few nails, will fall through gaps in the roof underlayment and end up in the attic. To protect these items, cover them in sheets. If anything is really valuable, you may want to bring it downstairs and out of the attic until your roof replacement is complete.

Figure Out How to Make Payment

Call your roofing company and ask what types of payment they accept. If they want a cashier's check, you may need to go to a bank and get one. Some roofing companies these days are beginning to accept online payment options, so you may need to download an app or connect an app with your bank account.

If you do all of these things, you will be in good shape once roofing day arrives. All it takes is a little preparation. Contact a company that offers roof installation services to learn more.

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