2 Reasons Why Extensive Mold Growth on Your Shingled Roof Indicates Possible Severe Damage

While looking at your home's exterior, you may have noticed that there are large areas of mold growing on the surface of your roof. While you may believe that the mold only causes cosmetic issues, there are a couple of reasons why extensive growth could indicate hidden, extensive damage that may warrant the need for a new roof.

1. Growth Indicates Moisture Is Getting Under the Shingles

One reason why extensive mold growth on your roof could be a sign of possible damage is that its presence means that there is ample moisture present to sustain the growth. Not only does mold need shade to thrive, but it also needs a lot of water to keep it moist.

If there are large areas of mold growing on your roof, there is a good chance that its water source is coming from under the shingles. If this is the case, there is already damage present that is severe enough to allow water to seep underneath. 

Not only does the water damage the shingles and the wood decking underneath of them, but it also encourages the mold to sprout deep routes so that it can get to the water. Combined with the rot caused by the excess moisture, the roots will also break up the shingles, making the water problem worse.

2. Mold Damages the Granules on Top of the Shingles

Another problem caused by mold growth on the surface of the roof is that it will damage the granules on top of the shingles. These granules are in place to help protect the shingles from both moisture and impact.

However, as the mold spreads, it tends to knock off these granules, which removes their protection from the shingles. As the growth spreads, you may even start finding tiny, black granules in your gutters and on the ground surrounding the house. If this has started happening, the affected shingles at the very least will need to be replaced before they start to crack and deteriorate.

While small patches of mold may not indicate the need for a total replacement, extensive growth on your roof could be a sign that there is severe unseen damage to the structure which will only get worse over time. Contact a company like Queston Construction Inc to learn more about inspecting the moldy areas of your roof and discuss whether or not you should repair the areas or have a new shingle roof installed.

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