What To Do When You've Bought A Property With Faulty Roofing

What's more frightening than finally finishing unpacking your things in your new home only to discover that the roof is leaking after just 30 minutes of heavy rain-pour? You've already settled the down payment and issued post-dated checks for the succeeding mortgage payments. You've already enrolled your child in a nearby school and you've already signed up for a free gym membership the Home Owners Association offers. Before you regret buying this supposed dream house of yours, here are some things that you can do:

Roof Warranties  

Understandably, it is easy to get angry. It is your life's savings and dream house at stake! However, before thinking about calling a lawyer to sue the seller, you can look at roofing warranties first in your closing papers. If the previous homeowner had the house guaranteed for repair and maintenance, call the contractor stated in the certification. If there was no roofing warranty, then it is the only time that you should think about making the seller responsible for the repairs or replacement.

Check Your Pre-Sale Inspection Report

If you've hired a home inspector before you bought the house, check his report for any clues about the faulty roofing. In the case of seller's disclosure and the inspector report about possible roofing damages, it is difficult for you to hold the seller responsible for roofing repair. Otherwise, if the seller did not disclose the damage and the inspector did not notice too, you have more proof that you didn't know about the faulty roofing. This is why pre-sale home inspection is a must for all homebuyers.

Burden of Proof

Unfortunately, once you've already bought a property, the burden of proof is yours. You have to prove that the seller knew about the damaged roof during the sale. It helps to look for obvious leakage history. Call an inspector to check for stained wood furniture, mildew growth, and other proofs that the house has had roofing problems for a long time before you bought it. However, if you've already painted the house, it may be even more difficult to bolster your claim against the seller. Even so, you can call a lawyer and sue the seller if he or she refuses to cooperate with you regarding roofing repairs or replacement.

A property with faulty roofing is really a disappointment for a buyer. The seller should be responsible for repair and replacement. Know your rights and coordinate with the seller first before undertaking other actions. When you're ready, reach out to a roofing company like Title Roofing.

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