Consequences Of Not Getting Your Commercial Roof Inspected

If you own or make decisions for a commercial property, you should be concerned about the condition of the roof on the property. Unfortunately, roofs are often overlooked due to any damages or defects not always being evident at ground level. Many commercial properties have flat roofs, which can make it even harder to detect damages. If you wait too long to get your roof inspected, there are a number of issues that you may face. The following points will help you understand the potential consequences you may face if you do not get timely roof inspections. 


Most jurisdictions require commercial properties to comply with certain rules. Businesses may be required to have roofing inspections and provide proof that the inspections were performed. Properties with compliance issues may have to pay hefty fines if they are determined to be non-compliant.

Moisture Problems

Moisture can cause major damages to roofs. It is possible for moisture issues to be serious enough to allow the moisture to infiltrate beneath the roofing surfaces, which can create even more issues. Roofing inspections will aid in identifying this type of issue.

Poor Energy Efficiency

When substances such as dirt build up on a roof, they can impact the energy efficiency of a building. Your business could be paying more in energy expenses due to poor energy efficiency, and your roof could be the culprit. 

Algae Growth

Black algae is unsightly. If your commercial roof gets black algae, it will likely get stains too. Algae growth can spread and eventually cover the entire surface if it is left untreated. Another potential consequence is deterioration of your roof leading to a premature roof replacement being needed. 

commercial roofing services company is a good resource to use to understand additional reasons why it is ideal for you to get the roof on your premises inspected on a schedule. If you already have obvious signs of roofing damages, they can inspect the roof and determine whether you need a replacement roof or if repairs are possible. It is not ideal to wait until your roof is damaged and there are obvious signs such as roof leaks. Keep in mind that commercial roof damage can result in injuries. For example, a roof leak could allow rain to enter the premises and result in a slip and fall. Roof materials that fall into the building could also cause injuries. This could result in your business getting sued.

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