3 Upgrades That Will Improve The Durability Of Your Home

Want to extend the lifespan and durability of your home? Here are three easy upgrades you can make to get the job done:

1. Plant Some Trees and Shrubs

You can effectively protect your home from the outdoor weather elements and help extend the lifespan of the place by strategically planting trees and shrubs around the structure. The trees will help protect your home from the sun and provide some extra insulation that will come in handy when it's especially cold or hot outside. Plant shrubs close to the exterior of your home and around as much of the perimeter as possible.

Choose a shrub variety that is easy to prune so you can achieve and maintain the size and shape of your preference easily. Plant trees near windows and doors that tend to get direct sunlight throughout the day, and around porches and patios that aren't protected by roofing. In addition to adding endurance and durability to your home, new trees can save you some money on energy costs and help reduce your household's overall carbon footprint on the earth.

2. Invest in Air Sealing

Making sure that air from the outside can't leak into the inside of your home is another efficient way to improve the overall durability of your home. Not only will air sealing your home extend its overall lifespan, but it should help save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills as time goes on.

You can air seal your home yourself using caulking, spray foam insulation, and weatherstripping. But to ensure that your home is fully protected, it's a good idea to hire a professional to help air seal places like the attic and garage where small areas can easily be overlooked by laymen.

3. Replace Your Siding

Replacing your old siding with vinyl siding is one of the most effective ways to improve the durability of your home so it can hold up better to wear and tear and requires less maintenance and repairs as time goes on. Vinyl siding can withstand high winds of up to about 110 miles per hour, which means your family will be safer if a severe storm hits.

Vinyl siding can also efficiently hold up to the wear and tear hot sunny days and cold winter months can put on it. Vinyl siding also happens to be more environmentally friendly than other options on the market. And you can expect to give your home an entirely new look and feel after outfitting it with vinyl siding.

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