Have Water Marks Speckled On Your Ceilings? Call A Roofer Fast

If you have noticed a pattern of water marks on the ceiling of a room or several rooms throughout the house and you think that there is water leaking through the roof, a call must be made to a plumber right away. There are a few different concerns that could be causing these water spots, but you want to treat the problems right away. Here are a few of the things that you want to talk with the residential roofing repair contractors about, and improvements you can make to the property to prevent these different roofing issues.

Water in Gables and Vents

Sometimes the rain can be blowing sideways, getting into gables and vents and causing water to drain through the roof onto your ceilings. If there are heavy snow falls and the snow hasn't been removed, this could also be the issue when it melts and gets into the gables and vents.

See if these units need to be relocated, if adding screens could help, or if other measure have to be taken. This may be a rare occurrence that happened because of a high wind situation.

Ice Dams and Poor Ventilation

Ice dams occur when the roof isn't ventilated properly. The heat from the house hits the roof, melting snow and then causing ice to form. The ice expands and then gets under the shingles and does damage to the roof. If this happening, you could get leaks when the ice melts and other water gets in through the damages.

Rotting Wood and Damaged Shingles

If you haven't seen the top of the roof ever and you don't know if there is damage, rotting wood and damaged shingles could be the problem. The water could be getting in through the wood or under the shingles, and then dripping to the ceiling. Get an estimate for repairs, or potentially to replace the entire roof if there is a lot of wood and damage throughout the roof.

You want to find out what the problem is before you invest the money to paint it, so you don't end up with damage again after you have also spent the time having it painted. If your ceilings are showing a lot of little water spots, the problem is probably that water is dripping or leaking from the roof, and you need to find out what roofing problems are the cause for these leaks and damages.

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