Tips For Preventing Squirrels From Damaging Your Roof

Squirrels are a common threat to residential and commercial roofs. Regretfully, there are many people that are simply unaware of the severity of this threat to their property. If you are wanting to protect your home's roof against squirrels, there are several important but fairly simple steps that you should be taking to mitigate the squirrel problems your home may experience.

Keep The Gutters From Having Standing Water Accumulate

Having standing water in the gutters along the edges of your roof can help to make your home more attractive to squirrels as this can provide them with a convenient source of water. In order to reduce the water, you will want to regularly clean out the gutters. This will remove leaves, sticks and other materials that will be able to interfere with the water flowing through the gutters. For the best results, you should perform this type of maintenance every few months.

Trim Trees And Other Shrubs Away From The Roof

Trees and other branches can provide squirrels with an easy access route to your roof. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to trim branches away from the edges of the roof. In addition to preventing squirrels from being able to get on your roof, this can also help to keep the branches of the tree from scraping against the roof as this could be very damaging to the shingles. To enjoy the benefits of this type of work, you should ensure that the branches are trimmed at least several feet away from the roof. Otherwise, squirrels would be able to easily jump from the branches to your home.

Inspect The Shingles For Signs Of Squirrel Damage

Eventually, some squirrels may make it onto your roof. Sadly, these animals can be very damaging as they may shred the shingles or cause them to become misaligned. Unfortunately, these damages may not be readily apparent, and this can make it easy for individuals to fail to have the damaged shingles replaced. When these shingles suffer damage, you will need to have them replaced to prevent water from seeping under them and damaging the roof supports. Every year, you should perform a detailed visual inspection of the roof so that you can identify any of the shingles that have suffered these damages so that they can be replaced. In addition to yearly inspections, you may also want to have these inspections performed if you notice that squirrels are spending a lot of time on your roof.

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