3 Vital Questions To Ask Regarding Replacing Your Roof

Do you own a home with a roof that's been severely damaged by moisture, insects, or a storm? Is the damage serious enough that your entire roof now needs to be replaced? Although it doesn't happen all of the time, it's not completely uncommon for a home to go from suddenly having or seemingly having a perfectly good roof to needing a new roof practically overnight. Fixing the problem can sometimes be frustrating, but there are questions that you can ask to make the process go more smoothly. Some of these questions include:

Will any of the old roof be salvaged? If you have a relatively new roof that has simply been damaged by having a large tree limb falling through one part, it may be worth trying to salvage the rest of the roof and only repairing the damaged area. On the other hand, a roof that is more than a decade or two old is unlikely to be worth salvaging. Without a completely new roof construction, you'll have to replace the undamaged portion of the roof in just a few years anyway. You might as well have the entire thing replaced right now in order to prevent the future hassle.

What sort of warranty is included? Make sure to get paperwork in writing, before any new roof construction starts, that details exactly what will be covered and what your recourse is if there should be issues with the roof. If one of the roofers forgets to install flashing along one section of the roof, resulting in eventual leaks, you'll want to make sure that you're able to get the necessary repairs without having to deal with any more hassles than are strictly necessary. Always read over the warranty and ask any questions that you might have about the various clauses before you agree to sign anything.

How long will this take? Replacing an existing roof with new shingles can often be completed in just a day or two. But when there is serious damage that needs to be removed and replaced first, the process of new roof construction could take significantly longer. The required time frame is going to vary depending on both the size and type of damage as well as whether or not the entire roof is being completely replaced or if most of it is simply getting new shingles added. If the process will take more than a couple days, make sure that the roofers have plans in place to protect your home from water damage if a storm should roll in before they have finished the job.

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