The Beauty Of Clay Tiles

There are many residential roofing products on offer, and choosing the best option can often be a little difficult. That is, homeowners often know how they want their roof to look, but they aren't sure about the durability and maintenance of certain products. This article specifically looks at clay tile roofs. It should help you determine if it is a suitable product for your home.

The Shapes and Size of Clay Tiles

Clay tiles come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Most people immediately think of Spanish tile roofs. There are also Italian style tiles that have been loved by homeowners all over the world. Both Spanish and Italian style roofs can be found throughout custom homes and tract home communities all over the world. Clay is an affordable and readily available material. In reality, clay tiles are now made in many different shapes, from flat shingles, to circular and scalloped tiles. The shape can actually have an affect on the efficiency of your roof. For instance,

Spanish tiles are loved because they haven't rounded tops. This creates an additional buffer zone on top of your roof, making it even more protected from the elements. But, you can see the energy efficiency ratings of any clay tile product because it should be clearly printed on the package. In general, clay tiles have moderate energy efficiency ratings. They are most efficient in hot climates, because they don't absorb too much heat.

Raw or Glazed Tiles

One of the most important decisions need to make when investing in clay tiles is if you're going to choose a raw or a glazed product. Clay tiles are definitely more durable, water resistant, and longer lasting. However, they also have a sheen which some people don't love. Many homeowners who choose clay want the more rustic look of traditional clay. But, if you want a colored clay product, you have the option of a glazed or plain finish. The plain finish will have the coloring, but not the sheen.

Regardless of what type of clay tiles you choose, they should easily last over 50 years. Clay is a product that doesn't require much maintenance over the years. It is durable and easy to own, making it a top choice for homeowners all over the world. Since they are among the most affordable tiles on the market, clay products will always be a good choice

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