Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof Drainage Working Well

After a season of storms and windy, wet weather, it is recommended to clean out your home's gutters to keep them working well. In addition to clean them, it is helpful to check their ability to collect and deliver water off your roof and away from your home's foundation. Here are some tips to help you complete this maintenance.

Clean Gutters

When your home is surrounded by landscaped trees, it is common for a build-up of leaves a twigs to collect inside your roof gutters. This combined with water from rain runoff can create a blockage within the gutters, causing them to not work properly. It is recommended to clean your gutters out of any debris periodically, more often if you have a large number of trees.

You can use either a pressure washer or a hose and a nozzle sprayer attachment that has a concentrated spray to clean out the gutters. Or, you can clean them out with your hands, wearing work gloves as protection to your skin. Scoop the debris from the base of the gutters and dispose of it.

Check for Damage

Once your gutters are cleaned of any debris, you should check their ability to collect and divert water. If you don't get a chance to check them functioning during a rain storm, use your garden hose to spray water onto your roof and closely watch as the water flows through the gutters. Look for any sagging of the gutters, which could cause the water to leak over the sides. Also look for any leaks around connections and any possible holes or cracks.

If you discover any problems, you can readjust and reattach any sagging lengths of gutter and patch up holes with a gutter patch kit you can find at most home improvement stores. You can also hire a gutter professional to repair any problems for you.

Maintain the Downspouts

Along with your gutters working properly, the downspouts and diverters at the base of your home need to be checked for proper functioning. If rainwater is dumped into the soil around your home's foundation from the downspouts, it can get into your basement and cause moisture problems and water leaks.

Make sure each of your downspouts are connected to a downspout diverter that ends with a splash plate to spread the flow of water over a larger space. It is recommended that you install a diverter to move and deliver the water away from the foundation soil of your yard to several feet away. A splash plate prevents the water from flowing directly onto the soil, eroding the soil to lead to moisture problems in that area.

Use these tips and contact professionals at businesses like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies to keep your roof gutters well-maintained.

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