A Few Tips On Maintaining Your Roof

Roof maintenance is extremely important. Your roof is much more than simply a piece of the home that keeps the rain off; your roof is a very important structural part of your home. If you have a leak in your roof, it could end up causing structural damage that would cost a great deal of money to fix. A leaky roof that causes structural damage can also put you and your family in unnecessary danger. There are a few different actions that you can take that can really help keep your roof in good condition.


One aspect of your roof that needs to be visually inspected are the gutters. If your gutters are kinked or clogged, they can actually cause a lot of damage to your roof and even your foundation. If the gutter does not allow the water to run out, then it can get backed up and force water onto your roof. The longer the water is on your roof, the more likely it is to seep into the shingles and eventually the roof. Therefore, it is very important that you inspect the gutters and have the replaced if need be, or cleaned very well. 

The Valleys

The parts of the roof that takes the most water are the valleys. These are the areas of the roof where all the water runs to go to the gutter, It is extremely important that you inspect this part of the roof very carefully. This part of the roof should have extremely good shingles and, if you notice the shingles are starting to warp or crack, replace the shingles right away. 


Most people do not get on their roof to check for debris on a weekly or even a monthly basis. This is a big mistake because any type of debris that is sitting on your roof is harming the shingles and can eventually cause the shingles to lose the ability to repel water. Other types of debris can eventually do structural damage and you would not even know the damage had occur unless you are removing the debris as it hits your roof. This is especially important for debris such as branches. Branches can cause a lot of structural damage to a roof that will require a lot of work to fix, so it is best to catch and remove the debris as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to inspect your roof for debris on a weekly basis. 

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