3 Tips For Taking Care Of Siding This Summer

This summer, you should take some time to take care of the siding on your house. Here are three different ways you can take care of your home's siding this summer:

#1 Trim Back Plants

The first thing that you should do is trim back the plants, bushes, and trees that are next to your house. When it gets windy or stormy outside, the plants near your home will rub against your home. Over time, this can damage your siding and can even lead to damage to your windows and screens as well.

Trim all of your bushes and trees so that they are at least a foot away from your home. Be sure to also pull up any weeds that are right up against your home as well. This will help protect the long-term strength of your siding.

#2 Secure Downspouts

If you have downspouts that come down the side of your home, make sure that they are secure. Check the screws and make sure that they are nice and tight. If they are not, tighten them up. If the screws and clamps that hold the downspout have come loose, purchase some new ones at your local home improvement store. You don't want to have your downspouts banging up against your siding or moving around; this can cause them to be damage your siding over time.

#3 Secure Loose Boards

Next, make sure that you don't have any loose vinyl siding. Overtime, boards can become loose. If this has happened to any of your boards, you'll want to secure them against your home so that they don't become even looser and compromise the strength of the boards around them as well. Generally, you can just hammer the siding back in place with some siding nails. Just make sure they are not too tight, as most siding materials expand and contract throughout the year.

#4 Clean The Siding

Finally, you should clean the siding on your house at least once a year, and summer is a great time to take on this task. To clean your siding, spray down one section at a time, then use a stiff bristle brush that has been dipped in a bucket of soapy water to scrub away the residue on your siding. Then, rinse away the dirt. Next, use a sponge or car-wash style soft brush to clean the area once again before giving it one final rinse. Be sure to work in small, manageable sections. It is okay if you take a couple of days to complete this job.

By completing the four tasks above every summer, you'll ensure that your siding stays in good shape for years to come. Contact a company like Specialty Commercial Contractors LLC for more information and assistance. 

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