3 Home Renovations & Updates That Require Little Long-Term Maintenance

Are you looking to make some improvements to your home and property that won't require a lot of maintenance as time goes on? Here are three interesting ideas that may intrigue you:

Install Asphalt Shingle Roofing

If your home's roof is more than a few years old, consider having it replaced with asphalt shingles for a fresh look with minimal maintenance requirements. Shingles are not only less expensive than most other types of roofing, but it's naturally waterproof and will hold up to year-round weather conditions for up to 30 years. By having your roofing contractor apply a sealant when they install your new roof, you can avoid problems with leaking if you live in an especially wet or humid climate.

The best part about asphalt shingle roofing is that if one part of it becomes damaged, you can just replace that particular area instead of having to replace the entire thing like you would with typical wood or metal roofing options. As for maintenance, all that's needed is a quick inspection for debris once a month or so. If anything's found, simply clean it up.

Invest in Vinyl Fencing in the Yard

Have vinyl fencing installed if your property isn't already fenced or you're looking to replace an old worn one. Vinyl fencing will provide you with security and privacy while keeping the kids and pets safe from things like cars and stray dogs in the neighborhood. This type of fencing is almost five times as strong as wooden options, is non-toxic so it's safe for animals, and is super easy to take care of even after being exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

In terms of maintenance, you can keep your vinyl fence looking new by washing it with soap and water a couple times a year—beyond that, it will take care of itself. There's no need to worry about rust or rotting, which means you probably won't have to replace your fence ever again. If you can't or don't want to fence your entire property, choose a space in the backyard to fence to establish a play area for the kids or a food garden for yourself.

Enclose a Porch or Patio

Another update you can make to your home that will increase functionality and provide some extra space without having to worry about much maintenance is enclose a porch or patio. By doing so, you'll create a new usable room for your home where the family can watch movies, play games, or just relax while getting fresh air and staying protected from the outdoor elements. You can enclose a porch or patio yourself by installing a roof or awning over it and then stapling screen around the edges of it so it connects from the roof to the flooring.

If your porch or patio is floor is made of concrete or another material other than wood, you can fit pieces of 2x4 around its edges and then staple the screen into the wood. After enclosing the porch with a roof and screen, install bamboo blinds on the screen walls so you can close the space up and keep it comfortable even when it's chilly or rainy outside.

Don't be afraid to put indoor furnishings in the space once enclosed, as the screen and blinds will protect it from weather damage. And as far as maintenance is concerned, you shouldn't have to do anything other than replace a screen wall once in awhile.

These renovation and update ideas are sure to make life more enjoyable for the entire household, and is sure to make your job of keeping everything in tip-top shape a cinch.  

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