Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal For A Roof Replacement After A Storm

Having to replace your roof after unexpected storm damage is a bummer, but if you do have to replace your roof, now is the time to think carefully about what you want your roof to be like for the next few decades. Whether or not you consider yourself an environmentalist, you should be aware that your roof material can considerably affect your AC system's performance and stress, the comfort in your home, and your home's overall eco-friendliness in addition to all the things you think of as being actually related to a roof. Here are four reasons why you should consider metal roofing as a lifestyle change at this juncture.

1. It's long-lasting

Unlike an asphalt shingle roof, which as you may have noticed doesn't always last as long as you hope it will, a metal roof can last for several decades and perhaps the rest of your life if well-cared for. In addition, the care it requires is much less than the care an asphalt roof requires. For example, you won't need to bleach the metal roof to remove moss (moss doesn't grow on metal roofs), and instead of shoveling snow off the roof you can simply let it slide to the ground.

2. It's wind-resistant

This is especially important if you lost your last roof to a storm. Metal roofing is considered the best type for storms such as hurricanes because it tends to have stronger wind resistance than other types, such as tile or shingle roofing. Although of course it's not perfectly resistant to all wind strengths and a direct hit from a hurricane is still likely to damage it, this gives it a big advantage over your other options.

3. It's eco-friendly

One big reason why metal is an eco-friendly roofing material is because it reflects heat away from your house, allowing you to stay cooler in summer with less energy expenditure (and reducing your contribution to the urban heat island effect in your area). However, it has more green benefits as well: it's totally recyclable and, unlike asphalt shingling, you can easily find metal roofing that's made almost completely of recycled content.

4. It's a good value for the money

Yes, metal roofing is more expensive. But once you've factored in its expected lifespan (divide the total roofing cost by the years it's expected to last) and then do the same for an asphalt roof, you'll realize that metal roofing can pay for itself just in skipped roof replacements even if you don't count in the energy savings caused by its reflective properties.

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